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How can I pass this dict into a pandas dataframe?

Hello all,
I'm sure this is something incredibly simple which I'm just unable to see. is a forex website with a great, free API on historical forex data. I'm using it to learn working with an API.
I have the following (you can just copy-paste and run this, no API key required)...
import requests import pandas as pd import json start = "?start_at=2018-01-01" end = "&end_at=2018-01-10" url = "" req = requests.get(url+start+end).json() df = pd.DataFrame(data=req) df.head(3) 
This returns four columns;
and this returns as expected, however the rate column is literally returned as a dict instead of a column.
How can I fix this to behave as you would expect, so the rate column is split into two: currency, rate.
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How can I get this code to work, I want to have a closure function return an object to access private functions?

Ok so I am pretty new to Go since I have been learning for about 2 days, so I apologize for the super basic question.
So anyways right now I am trying to build a micro service that streams fake simulated stock data via web sockets to a client. The data used is essentially a months worth of historical m1(minute bar data) i got here. The data is stored in redis as a JSON object that is an Array of floats [1081.8, 1101.2, 1060.1, 1090.2] which is the exchange rate of EUUSD (multiplied by 1000) of that current minutes Open value, Highest value, Lowest value, Closing Value, but I stream these points 10 times a second from a Node.js service I spun up, the timestamps are created on the client side since it's a simulation.
Here Is what I do with the data Fake early build of sample trading platform
For the Go Service here is what I have:
This is the Main package on github
This is the closure object thing I am trying to make SymbolSock I uploaded it in github so that comments are easier to read, since it explains what each function/struct does.
symbolHandler explained:
When a client sends in a request to subscribe to a Feed such as GBP/JPY a new struct instance is created called symbolPush
type symbolPush struct{ symbol string clients int feed string lastV float32 atIndex int } 
a SymbolPush instance stores an index atIndex which is the index of the shared dataset, it's symbol (which is like it's namespace/websocket channel) and the last closing price.
Also I have a scale-like case class: Which is used by a function I append to the symbolPush struct to send out an instance to be eventually stringified like this conn.WriteJSON(the return value)
 type seriesPoint struct { Symbol string `json:"symb"` LastValue float32 `json:"lastVal"` MinValue float32 `json:"min"` PointData OHLC `json:"data"` } func (s *symbolPush) GetPoint() seriesPoint { s.atIndex++ lastVV := s.lastV if(s.atIndex == (len(dataPoints) -1)){ s.atIndex = 0 } //index 3 is the close value s.lastV = dataPoints[s.atIndex][3] minVal := dataPoints[s.atIndex][2] return seriesPoint{ Symbol: s.symbol, LastValue: lastVV, MinValue: minVal, PointData: dataPoints[s.atIndex], } } 
Now right now it's obvious I am not returning anything that can be used from symbolsock since last night I deleted my old code since it wasn't working and just left it incomplete since I feel I would like to hear some input before I do a sloppy solution.
What I want to have returned from symbolsock is essentially an object that can do this:
call the closure function with the JSONblob and return an object like seriesSockets := symbolsock.SymbolStream(theData)
Use this object to seriesSockets.joinStream("APPL") which will call newStream function in symbol sockets, either creating a new struct or incrementing the clients field.
signal when a user has unsubscribed to a feed, which will delete the feed if clients == 0
get a point from these structs to be broadcasted to subscribed clients like seriesSockets.getSeriesPoint("APPL")
So my main question is how can I return an object like seriesSockets that accomplishes these things?
Oh here are the Go Playgrounds: main symbolSock
Also for readability here are is the github repo
Also I should mention I asked a question earlier which I will get back to once I have more information, but they're related.
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